A look at the ‘both sides the same’ rationalization

Change is happening and it is leaving some behind. Whether it is the Mainline Churches or the political parties, there are folks who feel their organization took off and left them. Senator Lieberman is one of those folks. Ed Morrissey tells the story Lieberman: This is not your father’s Democratic Party

“And hasn’t been for some time, apparently. Senator Joe Lieberman had enough standing in his party to win the nomination for VP in 2000. By 2006, Lieberman had to run as an independent to keep his Senate seat, and while he still caucuses with the Democrats, the independent label fits better. Lieberman tells Howard Kurtz that the warning signals began almost a decade earlier”

As is usually with these sorts of obligations, there are some (many) who try to paint over the negatives with a logical fallacy. In this case, it’s the ‘both sides do it’ type of changing the benchmarks.

“Of course, we have to get the golly-both-parties-have-gotten-extreme comment, and Kurtz obliges about halfway through his article:”

No, both sides are not the same. Being able to detect differences is an important capability for anyone seeking to learn about reality.

At least the Boy Scouts appear to be sticking to their moral ideology …

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