Church left me: Presbyterians losing against activits’ pressure

Mark Tooly describes the situation. The most recent big deal is that Presbyterians Reject Same Sex Marriage. For now. That was only one issue on the table.

“The usual cavalcade of liberal political stances were approved, including support for the Occupy Movement and recognizing environmental protection as an “essential” part of Christian faith. Presbyterians, evidently worried about spankings, even voted against corporal punishment for children.

One evangelical caucus, Presbyterians for Renewal, after the General Assembly regretted the “determination of the Left to press their ideological agenda” despite “collateral damage” to churches and the denomination’s global witness.”

The Church has lost half its membership since its peak in the 1960’s.

“The membership spiral will continue. But for the moment, Presbyterians are cautiously unwilling to follow Episcopalians straight off the cliff by fully endorsing same-sex marriage. And an orthodox remnant seems determined to persevere despite adversity, which is very Presbyterian.”

There is a pushback for traditional religious values. Presbyterian churches in other countries warn the U.S. Church that one consequence of its actions will be increased isolation.

But it seems that those seeking to modify the Church to endorse failed social policy just don’t care about such plebian things as membership. They seem to just want a rationalization for their immoral behavior and fantasy.

Additional reading on Amazon (no endorsement but your taking a look will help this website at no cost to you)”: Voting as a Christian: The Social Issues (2012). A scholar describes what the Bible says about current social issues — Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith (2006). Maybe the traditional church still has a viable base — How to Mobilize Church Volunteers (1983). Moving members from sitting in the pew to being active volunteers is a management task with a long history. Here’s some advice on how to do it.

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