Privacy for me, not thee?

“Politicians recognize they give up a degree of privacy when they run for office.

But Democrats are testing the outer limits of that understanding with a practice that raises questions about when campaign tracking becomes something more like stalking.”

Politico thinks GOP unnerved by Democrats’ candid camera techniques.

The left side of the aisle has been establishing a history of ‘taking it home’ and moving their protests from the public sphere into their opponents living and bedrooms.

“Democrats, on the other hand, insist the videos are fair game — and are unapologetic about the hardball tactics.

They say showcasing the homes — most of which are spacious and neatly maintained — underscores what will be a key avenue of attack for the party this fall: communicating that Republicans just can’t relate to economically struggling voters.”

In other words, it is all about envy and greed. You trash your own neighborhood and let your house go to weeds and rot and then try to stir up hate by showing what those with discipline and industriousness have.

It is particularly interesting that those invading the privacy of their political opponents tend to be the most vociferous about their own privacy.

Yes, there is a difference and it does run deep.

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