A step forward in health care up against a strong wind?

“This crushing of free market HSAs is consistent with the liberal idea of creeping socialism. They will not exterminate the free market in one day, or even one year, but over a long drawn out period of time. The slow creep to socialism is difficult to stop, because it is incremental and done in small steps and by quiet bureaucrats who you will never hear about.”

Brian Darling describes Health Savings Accounts Under Attack. The HSA was one effort to move decisions about health care down to the consumer in order to reduce costs, improve competition, and improve quality. The idea has been successful but it doesn’t fit with the idea that government should take care of you.

“Many conservatives understand that ObamaCare was drafted in such a way as to deftly move people out of the private health market and into a government-run system. Individuals and small business HSAs policyholders appear to be the first guinea pig in this experiment.”

In other words, the currently debated health care act places penalties and costs on HSA’s that are a part of the effort to move towards a single payer (i.e. government) run health care system from the top down rather than the HSA bottom up orientation.

It is another example of a proven solution being set aside for ideological fantasies,

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