The sell-out crowd

Tony Blankley offers an Iraq comparison, no, not to Vietnam, but rather about Munich and Iraq [ 05Ag18]

“stopping the killing” doesn’t always stop the killing, while surrendering to violence rarely leads to “sanity.” Sept. 29, 1938’s “progress along the road to sanity” ultimately cost the world the death of 60 million souls before it reached VJ Day on Aug. 15, 1945.

The warning is for those who castigate our leaders for waging war.

Today’s politicians please take note: History tends to remember harshly those statesmen who sell out their and other nations — even if it is done under cover of impeccable diplomatic language and with the best of intentions to assure the peace.

Appeasement is a dishonesty to one’s values at its very base. It can be like ignoring shop lifting at a store. It might not seem like it has anything as far as you are concerned. But when the store goes out of business and you loose the access to resources it sure does.

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