Of what use is a new born baby?

As we gain distance from Vietnam and suffer contrasts and comparisons with the struggle in Iraq, the story of what actually happened gains perspective. Vietnam is beginning to appear to be like giving birth to a baby and then claiming defeat because this baby can’t go out and survive on the street all by himself. There are those who revel in this defeat, or even a fantasy defeat, as John notes at Powerline.

Rich’s latest [NYT] is on Iraq; it is a compendium of the usual far-left myths, distortions and outright lies on that subject. What is new, though, is that Rich is proclaiming the end of the war; his column’s title is “Someone Tell the President the War Is Over.” In Rich’s view, the United States has now lost the war, and he couldn’t be happier. His gleeful assessment ushers in what could be a new concept in commentary: defeatist triumphalism.

In Vietnam we left on our own terms and the baby we left behind managed to survive a couple of years before the street gangs took care of him. In listening to the mama Sheehan and columnist Rich and others, it appears we have a good contingent who look back at what happened to the people in southeast Asia in the mid to late seventies with such fondness they want to see it again – in southwest Asia.


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