Recall for misconduct?

CBS News exit polling indicates that Early Wisconsin recall exit polls: 60 percent say recalls are only for official misconduct. Only about a quarter of those voting in Wisconsin thought that recall elections were suitable for any reason.

While many in the public sector unions and some of their sympathixers may have thought that Governor Walker was indeed a purveyor of official misconduct, the fact remains that the actions that stimulated the recall election were a matter of legislation that resulted from proper and usual action. The ‘official misconduct’ might better be considered by the Democrat legislators who abandoned their duty in an attempt to filibuster passage of matters they opposed.

The exit polling also suggested that the state efforts to limit the influence of public sector unions had a slim majority of support. There was better support for the idea that government should generally have a more limited role when it comes to solving problems.

Limbaugh’s recent commentary regarding a pre-election sit-down with union supporters and their ideological fixation, the viral video about a slap that the Democrat candidate got after his concession speech, and the Walker death threats after the election all give credence to the overwhelming emotional involvement and investment in the recall effort. That investment to such a degree that reality and integrity are thrown by the board is what threatens society more than anything else.

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