Consider motivation

Mark Noonan reflects on the implications of the “Bush Lied” mantra. The question to ask is why would Bush lie? What would motivate such behavior. Those making the accusation must have some reason to support their views. Understanding these views helps to understand the veracity of the accusation. Noonan describes some of the views or theories that are offered to support the idea that ‘Bush Lied!’

There are more, and some take bits from one theory and weave them into bits of other theories – at bottom though, they all hold that President Bush is lying … because he’s either a stooge or a wicked man; …

This is not about a disagreement over whether we should be in Iraq or not, or over what tactics we should use in Iraq, or whether it is wise to pull out now or stick it out to the end…this demand, as personified this past week by Cindy Sheehan, is a demand that President Bush stop being a wicked man..that he come clean about his evil and make amends for his crimes against humanity. Have you heard anyone demand that on TV? Only obliquely, if at all – it is couched in terms of “we just want the truth”, but the underlying “fact” for the left is the paranoid conspiracy theories bruited about.

They are not just patriotic dissidents who have a different view of what is best for America – they are the knaves who vend, or the fools who swallow, pernicious lies about the United States.

The price we are paying for allowing lies to gain currency is being paid in blood – the blood of our soldiers, as well as the blood of innocent non-combatants.

What are we to do about it? Only the fumigation provided by truth can work – but it has to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A lie can get by with part of the truth, but the truth cannot survive with even a small amount of attendant untruth. We have to tell the full truth, all the time, about those who are opposed to the War on Terrorism and the liberation of Iraq.

The problem with this fumigation was illustrated on Fox News Sunday in discussions about troops and victory in Iraq. If the BF&A (brute force and awkwardness) method would work then there wouldn’t be such a problem with reality and propaganda.

The US Armed Forces are best known for BF&A methods – kill people and break things. But what they are doing in Iraq shows that this is only the tip of the iceberg. They also know that ‘hearts and minds’ are at play and that repair and refurbishment of people and places is a means to tackle that.

But about the fifth column? It will take more than exposure of the inanities. It will take a society willing to call them for what they are. There are indications that this is happening. NARAL dumping its Roberts Borking is an example as is their rationalizations an example of how much is left to be done.

It will be a slow road, a long row to hoe. It is forming a cohesiveness that is open yet critical, that is willing to change yet stable, that will come together and construct a future.

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