Observing the major media: Troubling

As the skepticism, or perhaps cynicism, grows concerning the major media, attention becomes focused on just what behaviors are behind it. Olshaker provides an example claiming that the Washington Post Tougher on Romney than Hezb’allah Killer of 241 Marines

“It’s no accident the Post unveiled the “bully” narrative when they did. The earlier storyline — that Romney is a weak candidate, fails to connect with voters, and is universally disliked — became difficult to sustain any longer when the man nobody liked won the most votes. Another strategy taking shape, not long ago considered unthinkable, is revealed in a recent Post column asking whether Romney’s religion is “fair game.” The question itself hints that there is something objectionable in Mormonism that reasonable people might find to be a reason not to vote for Romney. Prepare for further, increasingly desperate attacks, as Romney continues to receive more negative coverage than mass-murdering terrorists.”

People are taking note of how things like Bush’s DUI or the claim that Walker had an illegitimate child just happen to show up in papers a day or two before elections; the pattern of adjectives often seen in headlines with comparison and contrast between political affiliation; and the focus of news stories. Olshaker’s story illustrates this with careful observation.

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