Ownership of words: marriage

It is all about labels and whether they mean what they have traditionally or whether they can mean something else. Doug Mainwaring says Not satisfied with ‘gay,’ activists go after ‘marriage’

“This illustrates an attempt to co-opt the term marriage in the latest effort to revolutionize an institution that for millenniums has been immutable”

“Americans are for fairness and equality – it’s in our DNA. However, embedded just as deeply in our gut is the meaning of the term marriage. This is demonstrated clearly in the fact that polls show that a majority of Americans easily express openness to the idea of marriage equality, but in every one of the 32 states where it has been put to popular vote, same-sex marriage has been defeated. The problem is not rights. It’s the word marriage.”

“Something deeper is going on here. If society allows the meaning of marriage to be diluted to cover any number of combinations of household relationships, this will be an indication that our society as a whole has carelessly squandered a great inheritance handed down from hundreds of previous generations. The reason marriage is a viable target of progressives is because heterosexuals themselves have allowed their own personal reverence for the institution and participation in it to dwindle.”

“That progressives are working so hard to chip away at the definition of marriage should be a clear signal that the term’s inviolability, pre-eminence and, yes, sacredness, must be revered and protected. Not just as a matter of law, but as a matter of greater personal dedication to one’s own marriage. The fate of the world’s oldest institution hangs in the balance.”

In other words the issue is about the same core values that are behind the divorce rate and the single parenting growth in recent decades.

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