Dan Quayle: Illustrating the attitude hasn’t changed

The issue at hand was that of the family and the left’s glorification of single parenting and, today, gay parenting.

“Progressives despised Dan Quayle from the moment they saw him: he looked like frat boy, and that was enough. He became caricatured as an idiot.”

“Snark, snark — he’s an idiot remember? We need not consider his point with respect.”

Jim Bass describes the tactics with example asserting that dan quayle was right then and right now. He cites an Althouse post that attempts to rationalize opposition to Quayle’s remarks and a comment on her post that notes the fundamental problem. No matter the qualities of the person making a choice, it is the morality of the choice that is at issue and that cannot be excused because the decision maker is a ‘good person’ or has other attributes that are considered worthy.

That highlights two ‘compare and contrast’ – one is the nature of the tactics including snark and ridicule and focus on the opponent as a person rather than the issue or its reasoning. The other is the softening of the issue by trying to divert from the decisions of the victim by appeal to her better qualities. Much of what plagues the right is this effort to ‘tone down’ the issue while the left tries to heat it up.

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