Five budget votes, no Demcrat senators voted for any

John says the Senate Democrats Achieve a New Standard of Irresponsibility.

“The result was revealing: no Senate Democrat voted in favor of any budget. This is consistent, of course, with the fact that the Democrat-led Senate has refused to adopt a budget, in violation of federal law, for the last three years. Still, it is a little shocking to see that not a single Democrat was willing to vote in favor of any budget, even the most irresponsible.”

One budget was from the Executive branch and it was unanimously voted down. The other four were Republican with one being the House budget. There were no budget proposals or amendments to the proposed budgets offered from the Democrats.

The question is what do you do without a plan (a budget is a plan)? Why not have a plan? One result is the brewing fracas about yet another extension of the debt ceiling. Set the problem aside and hope it will go away and no one will notice until after the election. The Republicans, it seems, are hoping that people will notice and speak their views in November.

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