Shut up! Censor any unpleasant ideas and shut them out

“He warned those at the Oslo Freedom Forum that many in the West now “surround taboo subjects with a bodyguard of politically correct humbug. This form of self-censorship has had a profound effect on liberalism.” He noted that “censorship is at its most effective when no one admits that it exists. ‘No one else is complaining, so move along now,’ becomes the mantra.””

John Fund describes the implication of the Naomi Riley firing from the Chronicle of Higher Education, the trade paper for faculty members and administrators in universities.

“James Kirchick, a contributing editor to The New Republic and a former writer-at-large for Radio Free Europe, told me of the Riley case, “This is precisely why I am no longer on the left. It is disturbing to see such bullying.””

What used to be the way to put down idiots in academia was by showing, through reason and logic and data, that their thesis was idiotic. No longer. These days, it is peer pressure, personal attacks, and hubris that are used as tools to do the job.

This is just one issue that causes some to worry about an education bubble that is about to burst. Another is college administrators who put the big corporate bosses to shame when it comes to payroll. A third is the student loan situation and new college graduates coming out of school with loans that are the equivalent to what they would have if they just bought their first house.

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