It’s not a problem, they say: vote fraud and voter ID

John Fund talks about the reality of voter fraud at NRO.

“Liberal groups ranging from the ACLU to the NAACP oppose voter-ID laws, claiming that voter fraud is almost nonexistent and that an ID requirement would amount to voter suppression.”

“Davis made it clear in his speech to True the Vote that much of the opposition to voter-ID and ballot-integrity laws is a sad attempt to inject racism into the discussion and intimidate supporters of anti-fraud laws.”

James O’Keefe has demonstrated just how easy voter fraud can be. Confidence in the vote has significant value. To claim that voter ID will disenfanchise some minority and rationalize that by claiming that there is no voter fraud is to minimize the value of a confidence in an election outcome whether or not the assertion of fraud is valid or not. Perceptions do matter and processes for integrity gain importance in that arena.

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