Crossing the line. There is a difference

Cap’n Ed says Gawker’s mole at Fox News gets served with search warrant, under investigation for grand larceny. It’s another case of going after an ideological or political opponent and forgetting such niceties as ethics, morality, or, even, the law.

“Via Drudge and Twitchy, just a reminder that your parents were right: what starts in laughter often ends in tears, or in this case, hefty legal bills.  Gawker’s Joe Muto decided to become a “mole” at Fox News and leaked raw video clips to his real employer.  That might sound like a joke to some, but to others — say, prosecutors — it sounds a lot like corporate espionage and grand larceny.  Muto got served this morning with a search warrant on suspicion of the latter charge and watched as his laptop, iPhone, and notebooks got hauled off.”

The Peter Gleick case in which he assumed a false identity to steal governance documents and then came up with a forged document to support his attacks on the Heartland Institute is another example.

There is a comparison and contrast in the original climate researchers communications and methodology notes. Some equate them to assert that both sides do it. The more interesting insight is when you look at the differences.

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