A milestone in human sloth? Senate vs Budget

MURDOCK: Three years and no Senate budget. Industrious ancestors put to shame our do-nothing Democrats.

“While it has taken Majority “Leader” Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Democrats 36 months to conceive zero budgets, House Republicans have delivered two – one for each year they governed.

“Nonetheless, Mr. Reid said on Feb. 3: “We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year. It’s done. We don’t need to do it.”

“Floor votes would require Senate Democrats to borrow and spend, which annoys taxpayers, or cut outlays, which aggravates liberal lobbyists and porcine government-employee unions. So, Senate Democrats break the law and demand continuing resolutions, which spend on autopilot.

“Meanwhile, consider what focused, energetic humans have completed in less time than Senate Democrats have consumed to accomplish nothing on the budget.”

Examples of what “focused, energetic humans have completed” in less time are provided but the real issue is one of accountability. A budget is a commitment and a referent. Without making any commitments and without any referent for what is being spent, debt can run out of control and scandals and corruption take over. The Senate has been depending upon the idea that no one will hold them accountable as happened to the House in 2010. So perhaps it’s not “human sloth” but rather a carefully calculated risk presuming the worst in the electorate. Are they right?

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