50 year legacy of FUD mongering

“Peter Kareiva, chief scientist for the Nature Conservancy, has an idea: “We love the horror story. We just love it. The environmental movement has loved it. That, I think, is … [a] strategy failure. And it’s actually not supported by science.”

Soon after “SilentSpring” was released, Carson was, in fact, accused of alarmism, ignoring the science of the day and overlooking the benefits of chemical pesticides. But those aspects of her work have been forgotten.

“Silent Spring at 50” offers a clear perspective on one of the most misguided books of the 20th century. However noble her intentions, “Carson provided the impetus for a half-century of environmental policies that have cost hundreds of millions of lives and elicited antagonism toward many products and technologies that could have benefited the planet and its inhabitants,” says Dr. Henry I. Miller of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.”

Huggins says ‘Silent Spring’ turns 50, and birds are still singing. Also singing are the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) mongers. They’ve just chosen other targets. Instead of DDT, it’s carbon dioxide, for instance. The cost in following the pied pipers of doom is horrific.

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