Seeking offense even if you have to manufacture it

Foxconn is a manufacturing firm in China that builds the circuit boards and other components for many electronics firms like Apple or Cisco. A while back, there was a ruckus that alleged that the company was a modern day sweatshop. That allegation turned out to be falsely based but it was one that many of those seeking to manufacture grievance, especially about greedy corporations abusing workings with a bonus if it’s in China, really liked. Since the exposure of the nature of the false allegations, Foxconn has been trying to repair the PR damage. TechCrunch notes one effort and says This Is The Best Glimpse Into Foxconn Yet (Video).

“The shroud surrounding Foxconn is slowing being pulled back. Once a very secretive OEM manufacturer, the company has started to let reporters and their cameras inside their facilities in an effort to clear its name. … Schmitz’s videos shows a first-rate manufacturing facility with the most dangerous aspect being the tedious work that comes naturally with mass manufacturing.

Foxconn is currently operating under the world’s eye. After Daisey’s account was found to be more theatrics than facts, activists and rivals mostly took to the sidelines, just waiting for another incident at Foxconn to rekindle the world’s anger. And it will come. Something else will happen at Foxconn that will cause people to raise their arms and yell at Apple while mostly ignoring HP, Dell, Amazon, and all the rest of Foxconn’s clients.”

The effort to find support for the ideology that modern manufacturing is part and parcel of that in the 19th century with children chained to machines and abusive conditions persists. Adherents to that ideology will go to any extreme, it seems, to rationalize their fantasy. That is the same thing that happened to Professor Gleick in regards to his views about climate alarmism. Such strong denial behaviors are a warning to the rest of us.

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