A modern disease: corporate envy based on ignorance

The title is a good start: How Can We Disrupt The Cell Carriers? This starts with destruction, not construction. There is a hint that capitalism and its constructive nature is in there, but that is buried under ignorance.

“In my view, the root problem is that there is no competition in the wireless carrier industry. They have no incentive to properly keep up with innovation in the hardware platforms and the application ecosystem. It would be nice to see entrepreneurs focus on disrupting this industry. Conceivably, a company (or set of companies) could emerge to redefine the device away from being a “phone” to something new.”

No competition? There are at least three nationwide networks with many who rent space on them plus there are local and regional carriers.

No incentive? Just what is 4G all about? What about ClearWire and the others who have ideas out there and are trying to leverage new technologies?

There is confusion as well. The essay is about the fact that many portable devices using the cell network are used mostly for data rather than voice. That is an entirely separate issue from the backbone service and from the retail services.

Disruption? One only has to look at the ‘net neutrality’ brouhaha to see massive efforts towards this end. The common themes are to disrupt and destroy and to use a top down (governmental and socialist) ethos to tell others what to do and how to do it. That is a modern disease. The cure for this disease is what brought up the ‘phone isn’t a phone anymore’ phenomena in the first place. That cure is the role of individuals to create both technologies and businesses and create new wealth.

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