The U.S. Taboo scene: political correctness, race, and freedom of speech

“Among other things, America is suffocating under the influence of taboos. And the disadvantage of these taboos is not only that they invalidate the claim that the Americans enjoy the freedom of expression when it comes to important social and political matters. In this case, these taboos will lead to the loss of human lives and other negative consequences because Derbyshire’s recommendations are clearly helpful to avoid some very tough situations.”

LuboÅ¡ Motl calls it Freedom of speech in the U.S. is a fantasy when he describes the secondary boycott that got John Derbyshire fired from National Review. The ruckus was reminiscent of that stimulated by Herrnstein’s book

The Bell Curve

. What Derbyshire wrote about was:

“lots of self-evident facts about the double standards concerning who may use the N-word and who can’t (hint: it depends on the color), about the differences in the average concentration of antisocial behavior in between the whites and the blacks, about the differences in the IQ, about the 5% of blacks who are violently anti-white and the 50% of blacks who are prepared to team up with those 5%, and he proposed some safety measures meant to protect the life and health of the white teenagers (as well as the convenience of the other side). He also said the obvious thing that the affirmative action makes the average black employee in an occupation (especially in the government offices where the affirmative action is strong and omnipresent) to be less competent and/or friendly than the average white employee. And citizens needing these services should adapt accordingly. (He says that the DMV lady is not a myth but a statistical truth.)”

There is a denial. Bill Cosby has registered on the situation by claiming that it is the gun Zimmerman had that was the cause of it all and that people with guns are just out to find someone to shoot. A spreadsheet of Baylor Law School admission data was inadvertently released that illustrates the affirmative action problem in universities that also showed up in a study of STEM admissions.

The reality is denied. That does not bode well.

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