The battle is being joined

Mark Stevens was one of those under attack. He decided to make a stand. Volunteers have stepped forward to offer support. Jeffrey Lord tells the tale of Mark Stevens: A Profile in Courage.

“Talking over the phone, Mark was still overwhelmed at the response, and the nature of it. “In the USA,” he mused, here were “ordinary people concerned about my being hurt physically” for the simple act of advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s show. It was almost, he said, as if they feared he were a target of a “Mafia protection” racket. Either he did what his critics demanded — or else.

“”More than that,” he added, was the sense that all of his supporters in this outpouring were frightened that he “has violated the rules of a totalitarian society.” Some e-mails came from professionals, accompanied by photos of badges or official ID with police forces as far away as Los Angeles. Mark understood. He too had developed this uneasy feeling that standing up in today’s America was “like being an outspoken critic of the government under a totalitarian regime.” He paused. “We don’t have it yet,” he mused, “but it’s too much like that.”

“As we have noted here repeatedly, from the French Revolution and its guillotines, to the Russian Revolution and the lists of “enemies of the state” on down through the years to the Nazi’s forcing Jews to wear yellow stars (with still worse to come) and Mao’s Red Guard forcing dissident’s to play “Chinese Roulette” (where a group of dissidents are gathered together but only a random few shot — leaving the survivors with a “bullet of fear” imbedded forever in their mind, guaranteeing their terrified future cooperation) — fear and intolerance are at the very heart of the Left.

“A relative handful of American leftist political terrorists just tried to play the 21st century American version of Chinese Roulette with Mark Stevens. They tried to intimidate him into withdrawing his advertising from The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

People are worried. National Geographic is doing a series about ‘Preppers’ who have taken doom and gloom to an obsession. Others are not planning to run, they are seeking leaders to follow and support in order to join the battle. Mark Stevens was one of those who stepped up. Others will likely follow as an army rises.

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