Do you hear the rocks cry?

“In a nation of free men we need not listen to God, the Bible, preachers, Rush, Raquel, Henley or yours truly. Listen or not, these rocks will not be moved even if the whole nation flies headlong across the bebelos, at the same time making request of the taxpayers, to pay for the flight.”

Rev Michael Bresciani cites Luke 19:40 [America Crosses the Bebelos – The Rush to Boot Rush] where the Pharisees told Jesus to have his disciples shut up about Jesus being king who comes in the name of the Lord.

“It is obvious that Rush took a brief flight from his own better discretionary guide and Ms. Fluke really did deserve an apology, but what is also clear is that what Ms. Fluke was asking the congress to consider is likewise reprehensible. … This is a day when the demand for our rights often is at odds with the rights of others. This is not a war against women’s rights but a question about the rights of the unborn, the church and anyone else who must be disregarded to gain a bit of help from the fed. … Every reality known to man says that any red blooded male from Bangor to Los Angeles would probably think (Even if they did not say it) exactly the same way Rush did after hearing the news. Pitching the congress to shake $3,000.00 from Catholic insurers for contraceptives has got to invoke some response. Rush’s choice of words would be mild if the truth were known.”

Somebody is taking notice and describing what he sees. There is a campaign to silence any such heresy but it just may be that, if that campaign is successful, even the rocks will cry out and proclaim the villany, the bebelos as Bresciani puts it.

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