There is a difference: tolerance and bigotry

“They can unfriend and block all they want on social networking, because those are personal choices not to listen to differing opinions, and every American has that choice. The problem is when they want government to unfriend and block so that no one has that choice — and that’s the kind of intolerance that’s much more dangerous than humorous.”

Ed Morrissey describes a PEW survey of social networking sites that finds Liberals most intolerant online

Ed notes that there are measures for many public venues. For social networking that is in readership counts. For talk radio, that is audience. Much of the intolerance noted is perhaps an outcome of frustration. Air America, for instance, was created to combat Rush Limbaugh. It failed. Since efforts to garner market share have failed, persuasion is being abandoned in favor of force. That is where boycott efforts and the government come in.

The other side of this is the matter of persistence and vigor. The more desperate the defense of an untenable position becomes, the more irrational it becomes. Whether it is an ideology, such as climate alarmism or many so called ‘green’ endeavors, or a perceived foe, such as Limbaugh, the assault to maintain a fantasy can become dangerous to all as collateral damage is not a concern.

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