Just where is the hate?

“Free speech must work both ways. But back in Dublin, whenever I speak up for Israel, the Fiachras and Fionas look at me aghast, as if I’d pissed on their paninis.

“This one-way freedom of speech spurs false information. The Boycott Israel brigade is a prime example. They pressurised Irish supermarkets to remove all Israeli produce from their shelves — a move that directly affected the Palestinian farmers who produce most of their fruit and vegetables under the Israeli brand.

“Perhaps our problem is not with Israel, but with our own over-stretched sense of importance — a sense of moral superiority disproportional to the importance of our little country? “

Nicky Larking wanted to do a film … to explain his hate. He made the mistake of doing honest background research for the film and found his hate was misdirected. He notices that Israel is a refuge, but a refuge under siege. He talks about boycotts and people unwilling to listen to any foreign idea. There is another such dishonest boycott effort in progress right now: Matter of fact, there are several. Look at what the unions are trying to do in Wisconsin, what the climate alarmists are doing at IPCC, or what the so-called feminists are trying to do in talk radio.

The common factor, one that Larking noted when he went to Israel to talk with people on all both sides. The unwillingness to listen and the lack of intellectual integrity is highly correlated with a senseless hatred.

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