Sometimes life at point is ugly – but still necessary

“A watershed moment for the Girl Scouts came in 1993, when they amended their “promise” so as to omit the word “God.” Since then, there has been a slow but steady slide that has landed the organization in the not-so-loving arms of Planned Parenthood, and the feminists and hard-left politicians whom Planned Parenthood attracts.”[The Girl Scouts: Planned Parenthood’s ‘Tactical Arm’]

It’s about the issue that got Limbaugh going. It’s a gift that seems to keep giving if you are a student of tactics and behavior driven by ideologies.

“Memo to Moyers regarding hate: it is possible to disagree with someone, even severely, without hating him. But we can be sure that Moyers is well aware of the rhetorical usefulness of the accusation of hatred: after all, it’s commonly accepted that those who “hate” have a fatal character flaw that delegitimizes their criticism of the target of their “hatred.”

“The problem is not that Moyers admires Alinsky as a good man, but that he is intellectually dishonest and vindictive regarding those who don’t share his admiration. His erudite tone and his measured, smooth-as-silk delivery seem to be aimed at damning what he portrays as knuckledragging conservatives as much as praising Saul Alinsky, and this stains Moyers’s commentary with brutish propaganda.

“Another legendary master of mobilizing people for a socialist cause, a man much maligned and long dead, like Alinsky, may be smiling from his grave. After all, it does seem that Josef Goebbels would approve.”
[Bill Moyers, Progressive Propagandist]

“The current assault on Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers is no accident; it’s all part of a plan: Media Matters Project 2012. And it has nothing to do with balance, or fairness.” [Brietbart]

“Members of the professional left reacted with outrage to my column this week calling them out for their fake war against media misogyny. Instead of addressing the encyclopedia of left-wing misogyny I raised, many liberals chose instead to start a ferocious battle with all manner of straw men.” [Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny]

What is it all about? William Tucker describes Why Vulgarity Matters

“Perhaps the most notable trend in the arts over the last 20 years has been the rise of pointless vulgarity. We haven’t quite gotten to the point of full frontal nudity or open sexual intercourse on daytime television yet, but we’re getting awfully close. And if and when it happens, you can be sure there will arise a chorus from the liberal intelligentsia saying it’s just “freedom of speech” and anyone who is opposed to it is either “prudish” at one extreme or “fascist” at the other.”

It will take a while for people to figure out that Limbaugh was right and not being vulgar and cease denigrating the ‘name calling’ to see it for what it was. Calling a spade a spade may be ugly but it is also reality. What Limbaugh has done is to put the vulgarity and actual villany on the table. It is the vulgarity of an ideological point of view and the vile nature of the means used to rationalize it. When the surgeon gets into blood and guts, it is entirely a different thing than when a serial killer does it.

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