Tolerance, tactics, ideologies, and the exposure of values

“The intolerance of Ms. Fluke is the culmination of the liberal war on America. For decades Americans have been told that they must tolerate the tenets of the liberal faith because in doing so, they are respecting the rights of others. At the same time, however, Americans have been told that liberals are not required to tolerate what liberals do not like.

“With Ms. Fluke, however, liberals have gone beyond demanding tolerance to demanding the obedience of Americans to the liberal faith’s moral code. While liberals still try to play the victim card — poor Ms. Fluke is merely a simple law student whose life is harsh due to the need to pay $9/month for her contraceptives — in reality it is they who are the oppressors.”

Tom Triko describes Fluke and Liberals’ Bodyguard of Lies as a bit more than just a name calling, ad hominem thing. He does malign Limbaugh’s rant as being a diversion but it can also be argued that, without that rant, the Fluke phenomena would have just run below the radar until if hit the ground in a small cloud of dust.

As it is, the public is exposed to the behavior and antics of a liberal activist, dishonesty and reality in regards to misogyny and its use as a political tool, hypocrisy, distortion of issues, and a good look at just where the vile and uncivil rhetoric label really belongs. Then they can better decide whether ‘both sides are the same’ or not and what, if anything, they should do about it.

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