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On the Limbaugh brouhaha there are a few facts that do need to be kept in mind. One is that the focus is on a dedicated and experienced activist who selected a target with careful consideration about how to make the most noise. She wasn’t the typical grad school co-ed. Another fact is that her appearance in Congress was a contrived machination of the Democrat party. There is also the nuance in Limbaugh’s apology as it was mostly to his audience for failing to meet an established standard of discourse and only secondarily towards his use of the words slut or prostitute.

Michael Kinsley may not get Rush but he does get the controversy: The insincere push to crush Rush

“Of course, the insincerity is on both sides. The pursuers all pretend to be horrified and “saddened” by this unexpected turn of events. In fact, they’re delighted. Why not? Their opponent has committed the cardinal political sin: a gaffe.

“A gaffe, as someone once said, is when a politician tells the truth. This is a bit imprecise. The term “politician” covers any political actor, certainly including Rush. And the troublesome statement needn’t be the truth, as it certainly wasn’t in this case: more like “the truth about what he or she is really thinking.”

“the self-righteous parade out the door by Limbaugh’s advertisers is hard to stomach. Had they never listened to Rush before, in all the years they had been paying for commercials on his show? His sliming of a barely known law student may be a new low — even after what he’s said about Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama — but it’s not a huge gap.

“If you don’t care for something Rush Limbaugh has said, say why and say it better. If you’re on the side of truth, you have a natural advantage.

“And if you’re taking on Rush Limbaugh, you’re probably on the side of truth.”

Where Kinsley misses, of course, is in the belief that Limbaugh is not on the side of truth. That is a bit of hubris of the sort that needs examination.

Nick Gillespie says It’s Like Totally Different When a Liberal Blowhard Guy Calls a Conservative Woman a Twat!. He provides a bit of context regarding the use of derogatory terms.

“If you’ve ever needed a reason to rethink dumb attachments to the left-right, liberal-conservative Manicheanism at the heart of conventional politics, the sort of idiotic Team Red vs. Team Blue mentality underscored by Noah’s need to exonerate the misogyny of his ideological allies should give you something to ponder.”

If you think that is technobabble, try the Christian Science Monitor for a distortion (Rush Limbaugh ‘slut’ comment reveals a double standard on sex)

“Limbaugh issued a brief apology over the weekend on his website. “I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke,” Limbaugh wrote. And I believe him. Limbaugh didn’t have any particular animus against Fluke; she was just a convenient stand-in for any female who wants to exert her sexual autonomy.”

This is particularly strange in that the particular comment – seeking others to pay for contraception – was cited as a stimulus for Limbaugh’s remarks.

“What does it say about the college coed . . . who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex?” Mr. Limbaugh asked on his Wednesday program. He said this makes her a “slut” and “prostitute.” He has since apologized for his remarks.

It is one sort of dishonesty to obsess on the labels Limbaugh used to vilify him as a person, it entirely another to completely miss what the words actually say in order to create an imaginary support for one’s point of view.

What Kinsley touched on was the primary and secondary boycott efforts. This episode has been used to assault Limbaugh advertisers to such an extent that there were ‘innocent’ casualties like NetFlix. The secondary boycott is the in the response of Limbaugh sympathizers. This effect is seen in the stories about how Carbonite’s stock value has taken a dive. Limbaugh explains this morning that the primary boycott press coverage is significantly off base and that means that the media coverage will just add more ammunition to his ongoing theme concerning the MSM and his opposition.

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