They just can’t help it — Mann on defense shows the behavior patterns

Throughout “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars,” there is the continuous resorting to childish, unprofessional name-calling. … Mr. Mann relies substantially on progressive sources … The book’s unintentionally arrogant tone, all too typical of progressive academia

Mann rises to the defense and Anthony Sadar notes that it is Slap-shot climate science.

Mann’s paper about traumatic, human caused climate warming was shown to be delinquent in regards to statistics. His other efforts prompted the AG of Virginia to investigate as fraud – until the court ruled that a state university had immunity from such investigations. The FOIA related improperly released communications revealed a collusion to inhibit criticism. That needed a defense – at Amazon: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines

Regardless, even if Mr. Mann’s reconstruction of climate change from the recent thousand years is an actual reproduction of such change (which, based on understandably limited proxy data, is arguable), the climate science authorities’ insistence that human-produced emissions will lead to adverse meteorological mischief across the globe throughout the rest of this century and beyond is pure prognostic poppycock. The climate system is too complex. The role of the principal climate regulator, water, in all its forms – as solid in ice sheets, liquid in cloud droplets and oceans, and vapor in ambient air – is too unknown for predictive climate models to grant forecasting fortune to specially imbued foretellers.

I realize such heretical talk is not welcome in the climate of today’s science, but, as we all know, climate changes.

From a book like this, some (many) will accept it as the Gospel Truth (it’s in print!). Others will try to figure out its limitations. As always, a first clue as to how to read it is in Sadar’s observations about tone and focus or the behavior of the author. When the intellectual integrity shows gaps there, the gaps in the content are quite likely as well.

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