Freedom to speak one’s mind?

“This is a massive assault on free speech the likes of which we have rarely seen. It is plastered all over the front pages, and even in mainstream outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, the vitriolic and disgusting response to Limbaugh’s choice of words far exceeds the shock value of those words. Suddenly, the leftist media is holier than Mother Teresa as it wallows in the gutter. The dissonance is amazing.”

It is easy to find commentary condemning Limbaugh’s labeling of a women’s activist that uses hate speech and terms much more worthy of condemnation. Matt Holtzman describes The Left’s assault on free speech.

“That Nancy Pelosi, a nominal Catholic, scheduled the hearing explicitly to promote a false narrative and challenge the teachings of the same Church to which she tells us she is obedient is lost in the argument.

“The same media that has done its best to smear any opposition to their agenda is now in overdrive to silence its opponents. This is an issue that goes to the heart of the First Amendment.

“It is the exact same people condemning Limbaugh who said the most vile things about Breitbart upon his death and about Sarah Palin and anyone who has threatened their hegemony over the narrative. “Bitter clingers” and “right-wing religious zealots” are their stock in trade.Blacks who vote or campaign as Republicans are called the most vile names. God forbid one disagrees with the party line. They can’t shoot dissidents, but they can do their best to destroy them.

“When the country has a majority who feel strongly about faith, their narrative distorts reality beyond recognition.”

You can see the real motive in the zeal with which success in intimidating Limbaugh sponsors is highlighted and celebrated. These folks are not trying to engage in debate. They have no interest in proving the worth of their ideas in any honest way. They not only will not listen themselves, they do not want anyone else to hear anything that they consider threatening.

All the noise about Limbaugh covers many sins. Remember the recent confession in regards to identity theft and paper forgery by a climate alarmist zealot? The radio types describe this as burying the signal in the noise. That is going to require some means to control the noise. That means that when a professional ‘activist’ whose goal in life is to engage in dishonest assault on the ideologies of others – like Fluke going after Jesuit priests in collusion with Democrat partisans playing games with congressional committees, it is each citizen that will need to put their condemnation in the right place. Limbaugh is taking the hits for all of us. It is decision time about just what we are going to do.

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