Some are calling it total war. Here’s another front

“The quoted requests are merely the tip of the iceberg. We’re still reviewing the IRS letters and will have more information as we complete our review. Each of these questions — in their content, breadth, and vagueness — implicate the free-speech rights of the affected tea-party groups. Moreover, such intrusive membership requests also run afoul of NAACP v. Alabama and implicate their rights to freedom of association.

Critically, the demands we’ve seen are made not in response to complaints of wrongdoing but instead in response to applications for exemption. In other words, the IRS appears to be conditioning the grant of exemptions on the extensive violation of the tea-party groups’ fundamental First Amendment freedoms.”

A Broad-Based IRS Assault on the Tea Party?

This is ‘just another front’ in the political wars. The voter ID brouhaha is another as is the effort to silence the opposition. There are other regulatory assaults as well. It is getting ugly.

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