Year of the squirrel? Understanding the tactics of distraction

Karl has a good explanation of the tactics of political warfare in Rush Limbaugh and the Year of the Squirrel.

The GOP is a minority party with no single titular leader at the moment. Obama’s Alinskyite politics require that the Left “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The folks running this effort thus go to the influential – yet polarizing — figure of Rush Limbaugh. Doing so necessarily promotes him, with the hope of forcing Republicans to either downplay Limbaugh (driving a wedge between them and their conservative base) or defend him (thereby making a polarizing figure more the face of the GOP).

Barack Obama’s campaign to convince voters that “America is back” is a dud, so they want everyone to look at the squirrel. When the media comes asking about Limbaugh, the Republican politician’s response ought to be: “I want to discuss the issues Americans actually care about — don’t you?”

One way to expose dishonest tactics is to dissect them. That is happening here with dots being connected from Stephanopolis to Fluke and an inspection of the roles being played by political operatives and MSM propaganda.

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