Both sides do it? Budgeting matters

There are laws that mandate certain things Congress and the Administration must do regarding the federal budget.

The Budget Act of 1974 requires the House and Senate to meet certain deadlines, culminating in the adoption of a budget resolution. The Republican House has obeyed the law, but the Democratic Senate has thumbed its nose at the statute, illegally refusing to meet any of the statutory deadlines or to adopt any budget at all for the last three years.

The Senate’s scofflaw ways are shared by the Obama administration. Federal law requires the Medicare trustees to report annually on the solvency of the Medicare program. The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 further provides that if, for two years in a row, more than 45% of Medicare funding is coming from general revenues rather than Medicare taxes, the president must submit legislation to Congress to address the Medicare funding crisis. President Bush dutifully followed the law, but President Obama has ignored it for the last three years.[Scofflaw Democrats]

With the budget running record deficits, proper planning seems like it would be a priority. Instead, one political party seems to want to run on a cash basis. Both sides do it? There seems to be a rather clear difference here.

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