Another political cronyism case

It’s about LightSquared as an effort to deliver broadband I’net to the masses, the FCC, and impacts on GPS. Ed Morrissey wonders: LightSquared the FCC’s Solyndra?

I’ve been writing for weeks about the LightSquared and the FCC’s strange decisions to allow the firm owned by a billionaire hedge-fund manager and Obama donor to attempt to save billions of dollars in establishing a 4G cell network without buying approved spectrum allocations. The refusal of the FCC to vet this effort themselves, when they had the capacity to determine almost immediately that LightSquared would interfere with military, aviation, and commercial GPS systems, has already prompted Senator Charles Grassley to launch his own investigation of the FCC’s actions and whether the White House exerted any undue influence over them.

This goes way beyond the “public utility” approach. This is crony capitalism at its most pure form, with government intervening to boost its friends and to kneecaps its perceived opponents. In that way, it’s worse than Solyndra, which certainly involved government intervention that benefited donors to the President. At least so far, nothing in the Solyndra story shows the Obama administration deliberately disadvantaging Solyndra’s competitors.

In the previous administration, people had to fabricate the dots in order to play the ‘connect the dots’ game. In this administration, the problem seems to be more of a problem of trying to figure out which dots to connect into a thread that makes sense and build a coherent picture. There are so many of them.

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