The Mickey Mouse Laws: IP protection in the modern era

Techdirt lists the recent intellectual property laws and copyright extensions (often called Mickey Mouse laws as they seem to be timed just so as to protect Disney’s Mickey Mouse copyrights). How Much Is Enough? We’ve Passed 15 ‘Anti-Piracy’ Laws In The Last 30 Years

But apparently we’re told that the internet is a “lawless wild west” when it comes to copyright issues? I think not. All we’ve seen is expansion after expansion after expansion, always using questionable claims of rampant infringement that is supposedly destroying industries. Each time, the various industries would create a moral panic about why this law was absolutely needed. Forgive us for being a bit skeptical. We’ve seen this game pretty damn frequently. To claim that there are no laws, or that we need to “meet in the middle” seems pretty bizarre. As Bridges noted at Stanford last week, if they want to “meet in the middle,” are they willing to give up half of these laws to get SOPA/PIPA?

How much is enough? Indeed. When it comes to passing laws, it seems they never quit.

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