The USSR and the eternal fantasies – playing out in the U.S. too?

It brings to mind Japan and Germany when it comes to WWII. BOOK REVIEW: ‘It Was a Long Time Ago, And It Never Happened Anyway’ [Amazon: It Was a Long Time Ago, and It Never Happened Anyway: Russia and the Communist Past] – Washington Times review by Joseph C. Goulden notes that

Mr. Satter argues, convincingly, that the abuses of communism continue to hover over Russia: “Russia today is haunted by words that have been left unsaid, sites [of prison camps, for instance] that have not been [ac]knowledged and mass graves that have been commemorated partially or not at all. … The failure to face the moral implications of the communist suppression … has meant that real change in Russia was not possible. The psychology of state domination was left intact to influence the new post-Communist Russia.”

When that is put into juxtaposition with KUHNER: End of the Constitution, Obamacare birth-control mandate would defeat the First Amendment, a pattern starts to emerge.

The American war of independence did not just overthrow British imperial domination. The Founders forged something almost unique in history: a nation devoted to individual liberty, Christian civilization and federalism. The rule of men was replaced bythe rule of law. … This is what’s at stake. Mr. Obama is acting like an arbitrary tyrant. He is running roughshod over the Constitution, egregiously, repeatedly and deliberately violating its restraints and clear limits on federal power. He has publicly admitted that he finds Congress a nuisance, an “obstacle” to his secular socialist project. He has said that he often thinks about “going it alone.” In fact, this is what he has done – so far, largely with impunity.

How can this happen? Consider that the Democrats on investigation committees consider Solyndra or GunWalker as just partisan gotcha’ games. KNIGHT: Paper-thin cover for liberal agenda takes a flippant view of the MSM when it comes to partisan politics. Consider the rhetoric excusing the Senate failing to pass a budget for three years despite a law that says it must do so. The USSR is not the only country with a large part of the population trying to believe it was a long time ago and it never happened anyway … and that’s just trying to explain away the last three years in the U.S.

For an immigrant’s view, see Barack Obama: In the Footsteps of Twentieth Century Despots.

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