First up is Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir on the realities of divorce. Then Peter describes A fragile relationship cracks under the pressure of reality.

she’s grown up in a society that preaches instant (or almost instant) gratification and self-centeredness, be it in shopping, or sex, or anything else. “You deserve this!” “You’re entitled to happiness!” Sound familiar? Yet our not-too-distant forefathers would look at you in blank astonishment if you told them that.
That different perspective may have precious little to justify it in reality. After all, relationships aren’t a matter of feeling – they’re a matter of fact. If you’re not prepared to truly commit yourself to your partner, to accept the worse along with the better and the poorer along with the richer, then you don’t have a relationship at all. You’re just playing at commitment. We don’t teach our children to live that way today – the divorce rate proves it! I submit that our society, and our relationships, are the poorer for the loss of that perspective. The author of that New York Times article appears to me to be a perfect illustration of that reality.

It’s the “what’s in it for me” approach. It touches many aspects of gratification and that includes the attitude that makes one believe he knows best for others.

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