Fifth Column, an etiology

John Perazzo describes the history of the term ‘fifth column’ and provides examples of its members in the current G-SAVE (Global struggle against violent extremists, which is replacing GWOT, the global war on terror).

The term “Fifth Column” was coined by a Spanish Civil War General named Emilio Mola. As four columns of his troops advanced on Madrid, he stated confidently that, within the city, he also had a “fifth column”of supporters

In the GWOT or the G-SAVE or whatever you want to call it, the iceberg analogy applies. The enemy does not fly consistent colors tied to a geographic entity recognized in the community of nations. The tactics are those of a very small army broadly dispersed using terror rather than confrontation. The goals of the enemy and the reasons for its behavior are not easily tied to any cause for war and they are often misrepresented to suit the context of the moment. The most violent actions part of the enemy cadre is the part of the iceberg above the waterline. It is the smaller part of the enemy.

It is the part of the iceberg below the water that cannot be ignored. This part includes the madrasas and imams who teach jihad. It includes those who rationalize and excuse kidnapping, the killing and murder of innocents, and suicide as a proper tactic, – those who pretend the struggle is what it is not. Much of this part of the enemy resides within. It is the fifth column.

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