If we would tackle terror the way some go after confederate

Katie describes an interesting take on the assault of the word “Confederate” in a building name.

Vanderbilt University wanted to sandblast the word “Confederate” from its Confederate Memorial Hall, which was built 70 years ago with donations from the United Daughters of the Confederacy. After the UDC sued, the courts determined that Vanderbilt would have to pay the UDC the modern-day equivalent of its original $50,000 donation–almost a million dollars–to be able to complete the name change.

The latest news [as of May 24] is that Dr. Eddie Hamilton, a black Vanderbilt alumnus, has offered $50,000 to the United Daughters of the Confederacy if they will allow Vanderbilt to change the name of the building. He’s encouraged others to chip in as well and the UDC has stated a willingness to “look at any offer on the table.” …

This is a part of an ongoing effort to expunge and expell any rememberance of the Confederate States of America. Remember the efforts to remove the bars and stars from various state flags or the efforts to remove momuments honoring Confederate soldiers?

It has been an ongoing and long term effort to erase a part of US History. Now there are people willing to invest significant sums of personal money in the effort.

Can you imagine these same people turning this same amount of effort and dedication towards the GWOT instead?

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