Anyone asking the important questions? Who cares?

First up is at Powerline: Communism Collapsed: Who Cares?

In the Daily Telegraph, Janet Daley asks a question that has often occurred to me, as well: why has the collapse of Communism had so little impact on political discourse in the West?

Dr. Sanity provides the illustration of the point in Sugar daddies and the mommy state.

The entire Democratic Party (along with significant numbers in the Republican Party, unfortunately) have morphed into annoyingly intrusive, know-it-all nannies, whose goal is not to persuade you that their ideas are correct or even better than yours; but to force you to accept their ideas by making them laws.

We used to contemptuously call such people busybodies (which was not a compliment), and, by and large, were mostly able to ignore their nitpicking power plays to control or change our lives.

Is it fair? Only government can make it so, despite the failure of having been tried many times at much tragedy. Or, maybe, is there another option? One that has a history of success?

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