Describing the boomers

As I wrote last week, Newt is a 1960s generation kid. Allow me to elaborate. That generation – my generation – was the most ballyhooed generation raised in the 20th century, and it was – at least in politics – a failed generation. Mr. Gingrich, the Clintons, Al Gore and the rest of the 1960s hustlers began their political careers in college when they were the first generation to actually believe student government was on campus to govern. The weak liberal administrators went along with them and gave them a say in running their universities. The universities have still to recover. Yet beyond the damage they did to the universities was the damage they did to themselves. They became the most self-absorbed generation of narcissists ever heard of.

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. has quite a rant about Gingrich – which is being supported by stories that the candidate will contest the Florida primary election – and uses a view of the Baby Boom generation to illustrate his point. It isn’t pretty.

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