Hatred consumes

You’d think they’d get over it. Jamie Stiehm illustrates otherwise in George W. Bush’s Legacy is No Laughing Matter at US News. It is a hatefest with the usual suspects.

paying the price—in the trillions—for his wars” — of course, the actual cost is of no concern, neither are the benefits and neither is the Congressional authorization to use force. Falsehoods and personalization are the thing, yes indeed.

“And George says, ‘The Supreme Court, five to four.'” — can’t get over the US Supreme Court decision either, no matter how many recounts Florida did or just how corrupt the opposition was. Again, falsehoods and personalization.

A scolding to George W. Bush for going out in public and making merry. He’s a walking reminder of the shambles left in his wake. Go home, sir, and stay there.

My father likes to say the 43rd president left a K.I.T.E for Obama to fly in 2009: Katrina, Iraq, Terrorism and the Economy.

Obama has done pretty well on those fronts, but he should not have to sit long at a table in the presence of his enemies.

And the strange thing is, Obama has followed Bush on matters such as Katrina, Iraq and terrorism and even upped the ante. And when it comes to the Economy, that record rests on the shoulders of Fannie and Freddie and has not been helped by squashing the energy economy while squandering billions in green energy venture capital.

Hate consumes and Stiehm’s post is an example of just how tragic that can be. Scolds are not highly regarded for a reason and those who wish others ill often find themselves in their own stew of misery.

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