Ollie identifies the ‘hostiles’

Oliver North (Anti) military operations (Washington Times Comentary 05jl24) describes why he thinks the people we are fighting are not all dressed in robes murdering women and children with bombs in public places.

Unfortunately, all the “hostiles” aren’t in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some are politicians, some are in the media and others are part of the old, anti-military, “Blame America First” crowd.

Last month California Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein’s assessment of the war was “everything seems to be going the wrong way.” Illinois liberal Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin likened America’s armed forces to those of Cambodia’s Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. New York Rep. Charlie Rangel actually proposed legislation to “bring back the draft.”

The mainstream media has been even worse. The New York Times’ Chris Hedges described those serving in today’s military as “poor kids from Mississippi or Alabama or Texas who could not get a decent job or health insurance.” CNN’s Eason Jordan claimed U.S. troops in Iraq killed journalists after having them “arrested and tortured.” And for months, the press beat the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo stories like rented mules.

For those of us old enough to remember coming back from a war we won on the battlefield but lost on our college campuses and in the corridors of power, all this is ominously familiar. In the ’60s, this kind of rhetoric helped alienate America’s citizen-soldiers from the citizens they served.

Current re-enlistment rates indicate those serving today — and volunteering to serve tomorrow — still believe this country is worth defending. We can be grateful that, in a war where every American is a terrorist target, there are still enough bright, tough, young Americans willing to stand up and fight.

Dr. Sanity has similar worries.

What worries me is the disrespect the media routinely demonstrates toward the soldiers on the frontlines of a war that threatens our very way of life. Here they are doing a difficult task and facing a cowardly enemy that only knows hate from their religion. What worries them the most is how the media is reporting their work, and how their loved ones must feel when they see the news that makes it seem like everything is falling apart all the time.

Fortunately, the ‘letters from the front’ are now available to more of the public and alternative sources are available so that it is possible to hold the MSM and the left accountable for thier excessive pessimism and doomsday rhetoric.

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