A growing resentment: state of the union

VDH gets on a rant stimulated by the recent State of the Union Speech.

We were not forced to buy homes by “them.” Some of us were greedy and wanted to keep flipping real estate and got caught when the music stopped. Some were stupid and leveraged their homes to pay down credit card debt and write off the interest — or take on even more consumer debt. Some were always better off in an apartment or rental. True, some just bought at the wrong time; but that’s called “bad luck” and not quite the result of a mustached black hat forcing an innocent widow at gunpoint to sign on the dotted line. What are we to think when the president thunders, “We learned that mortgages had been sold to people who couldn’t afford or understand them”? What does “we learned” mean? Did we ever not know? And what does his passive-voice “had been sold” mean? Are we to learn now that it does not mean “bought”? Americans did not “buy” houses, but were pried out of their beds to have too costly homes “sold” to them?

We accept that the president inherited a rocky situation, but accept even more that he sought to never “let a crisis go to waste”; rammed down ObamaCare, more regulations, and more stimulus; borrowed $5 trillion in three years; demonized the job-hiring classes; and so turned what would have been a natural recovery into 36 months of stagnation.

So we are tired of hearing about all the bad people who do all the bad things to us. Life is not a zero-sum peasant world, where someone’s extra olive tree must be considered someone else’s lost olive tree. We don’t care whether someone makes over the dreaded $200,000, only whether there are still such employers around to hire at good wages. A final polite suggestion: every time the president goes after “them,” can he please explain how much a Jon Corzine, Bill Daley, Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry, George Soros, Elizabeth Warren — or Michelle Obama — made, and how exactly they made it?

And that’s only one topic. There is more on green initiatives and race baiting and other issues. What VDH describes is a growing resentment with a clear description of why it is growing. The question is how much is enough and how long it will take before the resentment sinks into the corners and crevices.

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