BSD: A problem for the current administration?

Strategy page has a take on Bush Derangement Syndrome and its implications. The topic is about understanding Iran, Iran’s intentions, and Iran’s behavior.

In retrospect, it was deeply harmful flapdoodle, the manipulative narrative of a cynical brand of domestic politics pursued for selfish, short-term political gain.

At a crucial time in 2007, Obama and his cohort tried to undermine Bush administration efforts in Iraq and hindered its efforts to restrain Iran. Petraeus serving as his CIA director doesn’t erase that mistake.

The Obama administration, wedded to the BDS spew of 2007 and 2008, spent two years playing the Iran despots’ time-buying game. On Obama’s watch, the tyrants advanced their nuclear program and strengthened their position in Iraq.

Obama may extol sanctions, but weakness is his fundamental record.

There is a deep confusion about war, what it is, and how it is to be conducted. One blogger was trying to figure out why Mai Lai and Hiroshima weren’t equivalent. Another asserted that the Taliban and the Hussain Iragi’s treated prisoners better than the U.S. The thing is, trying to talk to Iran about nuclear weapons is like trying to talk to the administration about Solyndra, the Keystone Pipeline, or the Fast and Furious operation.

Seeking out convenient villains to serve as foils will only go so far.

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