The manner of attack in debate

Dr. Sanity talks about the propagandist’s problem You Never Know What’s Going to Happen Yesterday.

Further projection and paranoia are fairly common when one attempts to confront delusion. The confronter almost always becomes incorporated into the delusional “plot” in the eyes of the paranoid (that is why so many on the Left accuse Right-leaning bloggers of being “paid off” by the Republicans or that they are merely regurgitating the “talking points” of thw Administration–as if we don’t have independent thinking faculties that have logically brought us to the same conclusions).

If I were dealing with a patient, I wouldn’t bother to confront him so directly, as it doesn’t work very often in inducing them to change. The stakes are too high because their sense of Self is on the line. And for those on the extreme end, that identity would shatter into a million pieces without the glue of delusional fantasies.

But we are not dealing with a single patient. We are dealing with a delusional group whose committment to the group delusion varies. No, it is with the hope that there are some Democrats and others on the Left who still retain enough rational capability; and who are not inextricably tied to the failed ideologies of the 20th century–whose adherents are desperately attempting to regain the power and influence they accuse others of stealing from them–it is with the hope of reaching them, that I bother to write about these issues at all.

While those who want to change the past are forever dealing with how to know what happened yesterday, those who want to understand it for what it is are whittling away at the fringes. By direct confrontation, those most committed will express even more silly behavior trying to maintain some rational perspective on their views. Meanwhile, those not so fully committed will start to learn, to think, to see what really is and what is not. In this process the group that is least rational becomes smaller and smaller and less and less potent.

So, to them I say: open your eyes. Check the facts. Check the history. Go back and read what was said then versus what is being said now.

More and more will ‘get it’ and eventually we will all be the better for understanding what it really takes to solve the great social problems that face us.

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