Stopping progress: a cause only for the wealthy

It is only when you have enough wealth that you can afford to avoid the inexpensive approaches to needs. Then, if you aren’t quite so comfortable with your wealth, you need to rationalize your choices. Bruce MCquain has More on the Keystone decision and why it was a decision based in politics, not what was best for America.

“Relying less on the U.S.” “Diversify our markets”. “99% of … crude exports go to U.S.”

Those three phrases shout one thing in unison: The U.S. is an unreliable trading partner.

One more shocking statistic, if we want to talk about safe and secure petroleum supplies in our future – “Canada accounts for more than 90 percent of all proven reserves outside the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries”.

Here we have, next door to us for heaven sake, a supply of oil from a friendly nation which is about as secure as it can get and we do what?

Warren Meyer is quoted from Forbes as noting

But local environmental concerns were merely the public pretext for a decision that is much more troubling. Opposition to the pipeline began to rally among radical environmental groups long before any of them had the first clue about the pipeline route. The real goal of these groups was not to protect water along the pipeline route, but to make it impossible to develop new sources of oil in Canada. Unable to stop Canadian oil drilling and tar sand extraction programs, environmental groups are now trying to block any pipeline that is proposed out of the oil producing regions.

Then there’s William Tucker:

t is only the truly affluent, however, who can be concerned about the environment to the exclusion of everything else. Most people see the benefits of pipelines and power plants and admit they have to be built somewhere.

as Bruce says “The national security and energy needs of the nation are being held hostage by an affluent elite who have decided, because they can, that enough is enough.

It is a many fronted effort. The efforts against fracking have become significant. The Keystone XL pipeline is another front. The recent closing of a refinery due to excessive regulation costs is another. These efforts are against the base and foundation of progress. That is the energy resources needed to build things, to move things, and to even supply the raw materials. It is only when you have sufficient wealth for your own needs that you can attack the most cost effective energy sources like this.

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