We want it so bad we’ll monger FUD

The latest is indeed green: “Two of the main objections to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is that it contaminates ground water and it causes earthquakes.” Rob Port notes, though, that British Scientists Find Fracking Concerns Have Been Blown Out Of Proportion.

Such findings are not new. There is an historical record and many other studies. That doesn’t stop the ‘green’ movement that is against hydrocarbon energy production – and nuclear – and almost any major energy source – as a general thing. The tactic is one that is easily visible.

The problem? These risks are exaggerated by environmentalists for political gain

This isn’t to say that study into the environmental impact of fracking shouldn’t continue, or that certain prudent regulations shouldn’t apply, but it does indicate that much of the hysteria surrounding fracking just isn’t warranted.

That it is, in fact, born more of the strain of environmentalism that seeks to obstruct certain types of energy development as opposed to merely seeking protections for the environment.

One only has to look at nearly any headline about Fukushima where the power plant is featured rather than the after effects of tsunami and earthquake. Or one can look at climate alarmism. FUD mongering – spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt, is why that old fable about crying wolf is a lesson to heed.

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