It takes a village – with the right values

Jay Tea describes the mother of a gang member in Boston who has made T shirts with the message “stop snitching” for people to wear at the gangster’s trial. The shirts have gained some popularity. He also notes

Gangs are a problem in most major cities, Boston included. Police are always looking for ways to break up the gangs, and one of the best tools they have is getting gang members and witnesses to testify against each other. The gangs have been fighting back against this, threatening and killing potential witnesses. They denounce and threaten them in rap songs and videos. Some have even put together DVDs that threaten people who would testify.

Those who engage in such activity have to consider the implications of their actions. The citizens of Iraq are facing a very severe case of this same issue. It is also one that the anti-war, hate Bush crowd need to confront as well.

The neighborhood watch program was developed for much the same reasons. If you do not want crime in your neighborhood, you have to band together with your neighbors to keep watch and take note of suspicious or criminal behavior. You have to witness, confront, and stand against theft and murder and vandalism. You cannot pick and choose and decide that if one of your ‘tribe’ did it then it is OK.

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