Both sides do it?

Patterico: In Mocking Santorum, Eugene Robinson Reveals A Sickness in Our Society

But the problem is not just that some leftists can’t understand the love that some people feel for their unborn children — or for their children who (like Sarah Palin’s son Trig) were born with disabilities. What really infuriates is the contempt they show for parents who make different choices than they would . . . and the smug arrogance with which they pronounce judgment on the most intimate aspects of others’ private lives.

What Robinson has done, and what Colmes did the other day, is indecent. These men would never say such a thing to Santorum’s face. (Or maybe they would
— which is possibly even worse.) What sickness has invaded our body
politic that people feel free, not only to act the cretin, but to do so
on national television while sporting insufferable, supercilious,
self-satisfied smirks like those we have seen on the mugs of Colmes and
Robinson in recent days?

In short: how dare they? How dare they?!

That “smug arrogance” almost seems to be a hallmark and, no, both sides don’t do it – there are clear patterns here.

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