Abuse of power?

One of the allegations being tossed around with abandon is about the “abuse of power” by the current administration. On any vote they loose, the outcome is defined as an abuse of power. Eric, at Viking Pundit offers this view:

This the state of a political party that cannot even formulate an opinion on the cornerstone of New Deal politics. With no issues to run on, Democrats are now entirely defined by their opposition to the Republicans. The “abuse of power” argument is a perfectly logical extension of their deep-seated belief that Americans really want to vote Democratic, since it’s self-evident (to them) that too many Republicans are a threat to the country.

Such allegations beg the question of the definition of the word ‘abuse.’ They poison perception and lead to further, even more exagerated allegations.

If the exercise of power is done via previously accepted methods of authorization and execution and stays within the scope of existing law and regulation, then calling it abusive is destructive. The allegations themselves become the abuse – the abuse of a right and a privilege and a responsibility.

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